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The Hidden Reality Behind The Scenes

מעברית: Dalia Gal | הוצאה: | 2015-05 | 474 עמ'
קטגוריות: עידן חדש
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רכשו ספר זה:

It is the first time ever that English speakers are exposed to information and insights as presented hereby.

This knowledge is correct and truthful although it contradicts the current human way of thinking and paradigms.

This novel and revolutionary information deals, among other things, with the following issues:

• The Enlightened Creation that was taken over and frozen by the Dark Intelligence .

• The eleven Creations that preceded our current Creation.

• The study of the Elements that are the main subject of research in our Creation.

• Who is and what is the function of the intelligent field called JEHOVAH-GOD.

• The Tree of Life as a kind of energetic matrix containing all the possibilities and challenges one must cope with during his lifetime.

• Our human energetic DNA and energetic mind.

• The true essence of Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the Big Bang and the Strings Theory.

• Human individual life script, human life cycles, previous and current lives, as a tool for personal and creational evolution and learning process.

• The illusion of physical death.

In addition to the above, the author's personal insights have been integrated in the book.

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מקט: 978-965-565-133-1
מסת"ב: 978-965-565-133-1
It is the first time ever that English speakers are exposed to information and insights as presented hereby. This knowledge […]

General Introduction


As of his early days, man has had more questions than answers regarding nature around him, the universe, life and death, the essence of life and so on. Paradoxically, the more we, as humanity, discover about the universe, nature, galaxies, stars, the speed of light, the human body, our mind, DNA, etc., the more questions arise.

Almost every human society has explained the mystery of life and nature by invoking a God or a group of gods. On the other hand, science studies and investigates objective answers from the infinite universe or the inner machinery of the atom and matter.

Human beings have always asked questions such as: How did humanity originate and why does a race like ours exist and evolve on this planet? Are we unique? Do we have a destiny in the universe? Are we the outcome of random processes? Where is humanity going? And the most difficult question of all: Why do we, as humanity, exist?

From a personal perspective, man has questions that are still valid today, such as: Where am I going and where did I come from? Is there life after life? Who am I? Does life have a meaning? Do I truly have free will? Is there a god?

Today, science’s rejection of anything pejoratively called ‘supernatural’ is flawed and irrational. The present concept is that nonphysical realities cannot be investigated by science, hence they do not exist. Therefore, everyone who argues differently, even if he comes from the field of science, is considered odd, stupid, or both. Scientifically speaking, it's end of story for nonphysical reality.

We believe there are open-minded, skeptical scientists, as well as free spirits eager to investigate their own nature Isaac Newton, one of the greatest scientists of all times, for instance, actually spent more time exploring the mysteries of creation via alchemy than he did pursuing the implications of the physics he invented.

In some articles in the book, we will refer to scientists who doubt the current materialistic scientific dogma. One of them is Professor of Physics, Richard Conn Henry, who emphasizes in his article (published in Nature) called, ‘The Mental Universe,’ that the only reality is Mind and Conscious Observer which are the forces behind our daily reality. He stresses that the universe is immaterial. See:


The purpose of this book is to bring the newest and most up to date information to the knowledge of whoever is willing to be open to it, from the highest source of knowledge currently existing in Creation. The information in this book and its sources may be considered contradictory to the current way of thinking and paradigms of humanity, which this sort of information intends to change. It creates conflict and disbelief.

The information in this book includes, among others, articles about the consciousnesses and intelligences in Creation; articles about the frozen Creation, the constant struggle between the enlightened intelligence and the dark intelligence; the creations that preceded our Creation; the study of the elements that is the main subject of research in our Creation, and the energetic mind of man, etc. This information is presented for the first time to the English-speaking public as the first stage of making it available to readers and speakers of other languages.

Humanity, with its national, social, economic and cultural variety, is at the beginning of an enormous, dramatic and multi-dimensional change. This change will completely alter the face of humanity as we know it today, from top to bottom.

In order for such a powerful change to have full effect, it has taken many years for a slow and gradual process to evolve, so that human beings may accept, digest and internalize the dramatic changes about to alter the set of beliefs, faith and thoughts we have embraced throughout human history.

Most of the information in this book is delivered in 309 sessions, based on the information relayed by the Super Consciousness. Super Consciousness is the highest level of knowledge and information in our universe. This information and a lot more has been channeled by Zeev Aviraz, who is the mediator between us and the higher dimensions of experience that we, as human beings, are not aware of at this point in our evolution.

Regarding channeling, we have to mention that even in the invisible worlds, there is a hierarchy that includes many levels of capabilities, insights and intelligences. For the average person, any information arriving from a level that is just a bit higher than him, existing in the invisible worlds, may be considered as coming from God. Actually, there are big gaps in the information, the insights and the intelligence levels of the worlds beyond. It is the same as the different levels of insights, understanding and intelligence among human beings; it is also like the different levels of data processing capabilities used during data analysis by different computers.

In addition to the information about the Super Consciousness, the author's personal insights have been integrated, as well as information from other sources referred to within the articles. Since the book is divided into separate articles, each of which endeavors to cover an entire subject, there is sometimes a certain repetition or overlapping in the information given in each article.

Preliminary Explanation

The Super Consciousness is a part of the abstract idea called ‘God.’ In this concept of God, there are also the 24 planes that human souls arrive from, as well as Jehovah, the Biblical God (we shall refer to them later). The Super Consciousness is a kind of quantum cosmic computer existing within Creation, which gathers and processes all human information since the beginning of this Creation until its anticipated end.

Information in this book refers to: our life's mission and essence as human beings; divinity and divine intelligence; Creation's creative purpose and goal; the history of previous Creations; free will in human life; the energetic body of a human being; his previous lives; and research into the energy of the elements, which are the basis of creating all that exists in our world, the illusion of physical death, etc.

The Super Consciousness also refers to physics and astrophysics from its own point of view, such as: what is dark matter… what are dark energy, the Big Bang, the Strings Theory, black and white holes and more, and presents their connection to the spirit and the link between them and physical matter as we know it today. Additional explanations offered by the Super Consciousness refer to other universes and physics existing in Creation. What are the intelligences and consciousnesses it comprises? How would humanity look in the future? And, even, what is the essence of the Jewish people and their relation to other nations, especially Islam? And more.

These materials have been received by Jewish people's proxies and are told in the Hebrew language (see the chapter on ‘The Uniqueness of the Jewish People). In future generations, this knowledge will be spread to other nations and countries, as was the case with the old era – currently ending its course – regarding the Ten Commandments, for example, which are the basis of human society's and cultural evolution up to date.

It is important to mention that, all around the world, there is talk of the change – of new spiritual approaches, a new era that is coming up, a universal awakening, unique in human history. Many books and articles are written about these subjects, and all over the world, there are study groups and lectures on the subject. All this is a part of the process of change and universal spiritual awakening, a process accompanied by dramatic developments in technology, economics, politics and society.

The Author

The author Yitzhak Segman worked for thirty years in the hi-tech industry, most of it in senior management jobs. He is a graduate in Oriental Studies in the Hebrew University. He has acquired education in Economics and Business Administration, including advanced courses in management abroad. After his retirement, the author completed courses in practical spiritual studies such as the ‘Group of Five,’ ‘Metaphysical Thought,’ ‘Geometry in Creation,’ ‘Super Consciousness,’ ‘Directive Consciousness’ and others. He is a member of the Board of Directors of a hi-tech company in the field of medical equipment. Currently, he is writing and lecturing in spiritual-practical areas.

Email for responses and comments: segman99@gmail.com

Old Era and New Era

The main purpose of this change and awakening is to expose humanity to the truth of who we human beings are, as divine, enlightened creatures. At the same time, another goal is to understand the huge Creation, of which we are a small but significant part; its aims and the way it operates and functions; what kind of challenges it faces; and how, with this kind of insight, we may improve our quality of life, including our physical health; the meaning of life on this planet and its purpose, as well as specifying the history of previous Creations preceding this current creation.

Above all, the purpose of the awakening is to understand that we are an important part of the enlightened and loving intelligence, and to understand the essence of the changes facing us, which we are experiencing and will experience, personally, much more intensely.

Today, there are many teachings that speak about the real essence of man such as Buddhism, Sufism in Islam and the Jewish Cabbala. In spite of the deep spiritual messages they contain, these teachings have remained hidden, and only in the last few years has there been an awakening towards them. The Cabbala for instance, widely known all over the Western world these days, is a true and right teaching. However, it refers to the narrow aspect of Creation's purpose and essence, as well as the powers that motivate it. Metaphorically, the Cabbala is like the first hundred pages in a book of knowledge that runs to a thousand pages.

The teachings of the Super Consciousness, on the other hand, expand and provide information that is beyond other sorts of knowledge currently spread over the world. The Super Consciousness provides us with information that comes from the highest level in Creation, information that deals with explaining and providing new and astonishing insights, parts of which we have specified above. The uniqueness of the Super Consciousness stems from the fact that it gives us complete, primary and comprehensive cosmic knowledge, including relevant information about the transition period, the juncture and overlapping between the end of the old era and the upcoming new era. Humanity entered this particularly chaotic era during a previous generation that will continue into a few more generations to come.

Over thousands of years, the old era has been characterized by wars, separations, splits in human society, disconnects and misunderstandings of the real nature of reality that motivates things. That era was – and still is – based on belief systems of fear and the concept of reward and punishment in the afterlife: an angry, grumbling God, Paradise and Hell, and religions that dominate through human representatives that use them for the purpose of power and control, personal vanity and the accumulation of wealth. The old era is characterized by stern and fixed social, economic, educational and other systems.

However, although from a human point of view these are seemingly tough and negative experiences, from Creation's point of view, everything we mentioned above has positive educational and evolutionary aspects. Metaphorically, we can see this era as a basic training period for humanity and as a preparation for the next higher evolutionary stage. The characteristics of the end of the old era include study and understanding of the tough and hard frameworks of human experience which Creation has not known before. Our Creation is the first in which human beings appeared, and, therefore, Creation needs, as part of the learning and understanding process, to experience and understand human experience from two poles, the positive and the negative.

On the other hand, the new era humanity is slowly entering will increase in power and strength. This era is characterized by real understanding of our nature and essence as human beings; the understanding that we are all divine, enlightened creatures that are born and get a physical body for the purpose of learning and evolution; the understanding that we existed before we were born and will exist after our physical deaths; the understanding that every human soul has many life cycles for the purpose of learning, personal and common evolution. The Super Consciousness says that we are born into a world of dreams, a kind of virtual reality, although for us, the human experience is real, concrete and true.

This new era is characterized by absolute openness and transparency in all areas of life. It is characterized by human unity, the absence of wars that lead to killing, death, and the transition to control thought by knowledge and information. At the same time, the connection to nature will be renewed. Gradually, all religions built on lower consciousness and the use of fear and threats for the control of the few over the majority, will come to an end. The relation between a human being and the Creator and Creation will be direct in the future – without any intermediaries such as priests, rabbis, imams and the like. In addition, monopolies that control us and have taken away our independence, such as economic systems based on the relation between fortune and political authority through monetary debt as a sophisticated way of enslaving humanity, will be gradually broken.

These changes and others are expressions of ascending to new and surprising levels of consciousness and awareness, which humanity, in its entirety, will reach. It is a process that will take a few decades, during which the old energy will still attempt to continue its hold and fight for its power. There will still be struggles and wars, but they will be minimized and diminished as humanity proceeds further into the new era. As the saying goes: the darkest hour is just before dawn.

Among the various expressions of the struggle between the old and the new energies, we may mention all the changes that have taken place in our world as of the end of the 1980s. Among them are the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the dramatic changes in the economic and monetary systems in the world that will only increase, the different social protests all over the world, and the current changes in Arab and Muslim countries that are only just beginning. These societies and countries still require difficult transitional periods until they stabilize. This and much more.

The technology of the new era such as the Internet, social networks and cellular communication also supports these processes. Without the supporting technological infrastructure, it would be impossible to shake all those countries, societies, systems and establishments at such a fast pace and in such a short time.

A Quick Glance Ahead

In this introductory chapter, we shall review, in a relatively superficial way, a number of central themes that are presented in details in the Super Consciousness information, and elaborate upon them in the following chapters. Therefore, in order to begin dealing with the information itself, we will say that, according to the Super Consciousness, the vast Creation we are a tiny part of, and yet a very important part – is the twelfth Creation. That is, it was preceded by eleven other Creations.

Every Creation was created for a specific purpose and mission. Our Creation was created fourteen billion years ago, in Earth's time. In our terms, it is an extremely long period of time, but in terms of Creation – where there is no linear time – this is like a blink of an eye. In a compatible analogy to our perception, it may be considered just a few years.

Our Creation has now reached its mid-point in time, and this means that the process of running toward the end of its life cycle has already started, and it will probably happen in a few more billions of Earth years. During this convening process, all the material existing in Creation – galaxies, stars, planets, suns, etc. – will turn back into energy. (This is consistent with the famous Einstein formula that Matter equals Energy, and Energy equals Matter.)

The minute this Creation ends, a new Creation will begin immediately – the thirteenth Creation. The new Creation's function and purpose is already known. At the end of its life cycle, at the end of the process, our current Creation will turn into a kind of energetic disc – a big ball of light containing all consciousness, souls, insights, lessons and conclusions gathered during the learning and evolutionary processes that have taken place in all the universes composing this Creation. This ball of light will join the ‘Supreme Council’ – a kind of board of directors accompanying the different Creations. That is, the next Creation will be accompanied by a council of twelve from previous Creations that have ended. All this may sound a bit complicated or not entirely clear, but it will be explained in detail later on, especially to whoever is open to this kind of thinking.

Our Universe

Let us go back to our universe that exists within the big Creation, the twelfth Creation. The Super Consciousness compares our universe to the arm of an octopus – one of many. However, our universe is unique in that it is the only universe where the energetic elements are being researched in their lowest density. That is, in our universe, the shift in frequencies and vibrations of the elements is researched, from their highest theoretical levels to their lowest vibration levels, the expression of which is the fauna and the flora and still life, as we know them.

The intelligence field that is managing this universe of ours, which is a part of Creation, is Jehovah (GOD), known to us from the Bible. Later on, we shall devote a separate chapter to the consciousnesses and intelligences composing Creation, and also a chapter where we address Jehovah's role.

Let us say, in short, that human beings are, in fact, like an energetic transmission and reception station, like sensors. Analogically, we may say that the intelligence fields of Jehovah, of our mother planes and of the Super Consciousness are like three central super computers, responsible for different things in Creation and interconnected, and feed us humans the same way end computers feed the central computer in our world.

Jehovah's role is slowly coming to an end as the old era releases its hold. A new intelligence field is coming in instead, and it will accompany the new era and support it energetically. For humanity's convenience, we shall call it ELINUS.

Our Creation is composed of 24 different planes and each plane contains secondary layers. A plane is, in fact, an energy field with common learning themes, which it studies thoroughly in all its aspects. Planet Earth is on the tenth layer of the twelfth plane. This is the reason why these numbers accompany us through many aspects of our lives (ten fingers, numbers 1-10, twelve months, twelve tribes, twelve signs, etc.).

By the way, we should note that the right math for us should be based on the duodecimal not the decimal system. When we shift to the new math based on the duodecimal system, it will be like shifting from watching black and white TV to color TV. For example, the constant, Pi, which is the relation between a circle's perimeter and its diameter, in the duodecimal system math, would be a whole perfect number and not a number with an infinite fraction as it is today. In science, many things that are currently incomprehensible to scientists, will be understood. For example, revolutionary telescope lenses will be developed to will enable us to see the existence of life in other locations in Creation as well as the human aura. (See a complementary explanation at the end of this introduction).

Each human soul arrives from one of the planes, from a specific layer within it, so actually, we are the planes' messengers. In fact, we are the planes' children, and have donned a physical body in order to research the learning themes defined by those planes. That is, each one of us sustains a constant energetic transmission to Jehovah's energy field, to the planes we belong to and to the Super Consciousness – all at once and correspondingly. All this may sound a bit farfetched now, as it happens without our awareness, but in the next chapters, it will certainly become clearer.

Energy and Matter

The understanding that all matter is energy is the basis of understanding the principle that sees human beings as dynamic energetic systems. Einstein has already proved that energy and matter are equal. It is a common scientific fact that the atom, the tiny particle that is the basis of any physical material, is 99.999% void, emptiness – nothingness. The big enigma is: how is it that physical matter, including we humans, is created out of the nothingness?

From a metaphysical aspect and a physical aspect, the initial basis for all that exists is light, which is scientifically defined as a wave of sub atomic particles called photons that move at an enormous velocity of 300,000 kilometers per second. Since light is the basis of everything that exists, then all the particles composing the atom, such as protons, neutrons and electrons, and their more basic parts, quarks and leptons, are all an expression of one kind or another of the energy of light.

Parenthetically, we should note that the Super Consciousness says that light, which is a part of the enlightened intelligence that we are part of, started its activity through the Source, the Primary Creator, before the creation of the current Creation. That is why the visible light we see is a part of the divine spectrum of light existing in Creation.

The famous physicist Richard Feynman has noted (see The Strange Theory of Light and Matter) that a man must lose his logic totally in order to understand and internalize what is happening on the atomic level. See:


Quantum theory, although eighty years old, still causes those who deal with it a total loss of their Earthly logic.

Science deals with the products and technical aspects of this theory and does not go into the deep philosophical aspects at its roots. These aspects bear significant implications on the essence and understanding of physics itself as well as on other sciences such as Chemistry and Biology. (Some would comment that this is not the function of Physics. Is it not?)

The enlightened Intelligence tells us an astonishing story in relation to the chemical composition of the universe versus that of the planet's membrane, which science has managed to prove. The dominant chemical element in the universe is hydrogen, which makes up 91% of all the atoms in the universe. Helium, which is a product of hydrogen, is 9%. All the other chemical elements are at just around 0.1%.

On Earth, the picture is completely the opposite to that of the rest of the universe. Those minor elements that compose just 0.1% of the universe are dominant on Earth's membrane. In the oceans, the division changes when oxygen is 86% and hydrogen is 11% of the entire volume. In the atmosphere, the main chemical elements are nitrogen, which is 78%, and oxygen, which comprises 21% of the whole.

Hence, the particular chemical elements on Earth that were created as a result of nuclear reactions on various stars in the universe are those that support the creation of life on Earth. Sunlight, which also supports and assists in creating and developing life, is a product of nuclear processes; through the fusion of hydrogen into helium, light is created.

In addition, the positioning of Earth at the angle of 23.5o on its axis created the seasons.

Therefore, all nature's constants were created intentionally by the planner in order to create life as it is in our world.

We should note here that the enlightened Intelligence we are part of is careful to make us understand the hidden reality step by step, so that we may gradually contain, understand and internalize the true reality, or else we would lose our minds.

Life, as we are experiencing it, is also conducted within the frequency waves of the light visible to human being, which falls in the range between about 400 nanometers to 750 nanometers, and within the color spectrum between the red and the violet. This is a very narrow frequency range, consisting only of a few percent of the entire electromagnetic spectrum that science currently recognizes in nature. It is common knowledge that there are life forms that operate in our world within a frequency range that human beings are not capable of seeing at this point of our human evolution.

In the illustration (taken from Wikipedia) an electromagnetic spectrum is presented, inside which we can see a small part that refers to the visible light frequencies in comparison with the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Within this spectrum are different electromagnetic waves. The difference between them is mainly in the frequency and wavelength. As a result, we have radio waves, microwaves, x-ray waves, the light visible to human beings, infrared etc. In the light visible to us, we may see the color range from the red (622-750NM) to the violet (390-455NM). Sunlight is, in fact, electromagnetic radiation emitted from the sun in different wavelengths including the light frequencies visible to us.

We should emphasize that the light visible to us humans is, as previously stated, within a very narrow frequency range similar, like looking at and understanding the grand reality through a keyhole. In words of the Israeli poet, Rachel: It is a narrow world like an ant's world…

We should state that the electromagnetic spectrum as science understands it today is also a small part of the frequencies of the enormous light spectrum that exists in the universe and in Creation.

Max Planck, who originated quantum theory, stated that from his research on the atom, he could say that, in fact, there is no concept of matter as we see and understand it. According to him, matter is created by a mind with consciousness and intelligence that causes the atom particles to vibrate at different rhythms and keeps them together. Mind/consciousness is the matrix of all matter.

The quotation source in German and its English translation appears in the book The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden in the attachment to Chapter 1, paragraph 15. See:


Life Script

Each one of us creates his life script when he is at the highest level of soul's consciousness – before he is born. At the level of our earthly consciousness, we are the actors operating the life script determined by us at the soul level. In addition to the level of the Earthly consciousness, our free will is also in this dimension. We shall refer to it later in the book. Therefore, we are the architects, the contractors and the builders at the same time. We are both the cars and the drivers. We are the ones who criticize and judge what we have done in our lives when we go back home to our mother plane. We are the ones who give ourselves the final certificate of the end of our studies in the school of Earth. In the place where the human soul comes from – which is the human being at his highest level of understanding – we are ‘God.’

Our thinking ability carries an enormous power of creativity. The human power of thinking was limited in the old era, the experimental era of separation and wars – in order to protect us from harming ourselves, others and Creation. However, the more we enter the new era, the more our power of thought will increase. It is not in vain that this new era is also called, ‘the era in which thought creates reality.’ In this context, it would be interesting to mention the new book by the theoretical physicist Michio Kaku: The Physics of the Future. Among other things, Kaku assumes in his book that by the end of the current century, man will be able to move physical objects with only his mind. The researcher and scientist, Professor William Tiller, shifted from conventional research to ‘psycho-energetic’ science. He is trying to prove, by scientific research tools, that human thought may affect matter's conduct, that is, spirit may affect matter directly. (His website: www.tiller.org.)

Every human thought or emotion exists as an electromagnetic unit, like an energetic hologram. These units are expected to be discovered by science in the future. It is common knowledge that atoms and molecules that make up our bodies change constantly, and that the cornerstones of our physical bodies are identical to the cornerstones of other animals. Indeed, the difference is not in the ‘hardware’ – in the body – but in the ‘software’ – our soul and consciousness, that is actually ‘us.’ Therefore, it is important to emphasize, understand and internalize the saying:

We are not human beings experiencing a spiritual experience, but spiritual entities experiencing human experience.

Our life script includes scenes we wish to experience in order to learn from them. Also, each one of us has different tasks he takes upon himself as a part of his life script, and which are given to us by the intelligence field of Jehovah (God), as well as by the Super Consciousness and our mother planes. We examine and study different situations in the human experience, which are expressed in various aspects of our lives. The results of these studies flow over to our personal holograms and to other information and knowledge centers as mentioned before.

However, in order to demonstrate things a little, we shall take the example of the life experience of research and study – the research of unity, for instance, both at the personal level, and the group, or tribal, level. In this example, the scenes composing the actual human life will contain an intentional lack of unity – a kind of internal chaos. This may sound awkward, but it is meant to help that person fulfill his calling and find unity out of the lack of it. The game is always found in searching at the other, complementary pole – the plus and the minus combining and creating the whole. By the way, among its other lessons, the Jewish people was meant to experience unity; the lack of unity they experience stems from this.

Since every man arrives from a different plane and different section, there is a huge difference between people, which can be seen even between brothers born to the same parents. At the level of his current life, a person is not aware of the life script he created when he was at the soul level of consciousness before his birth. This lack of knowledge is intentional and is aimed at providing us with true free will, characteristic of the region we are living in. If we had been aware of our life script, we would not have had free will; the entire life experience and study would have been severely hurt.

In summary, in the next chapters we shall try to touch on the main subjects that we, as human beings experiencing Earthly existence in decaying finite bodies, unconsciously deal with. We hope to succeed in relaying the information clearly, in a way that will touch the awareness and even the hearts of those who consciously seek to be a part of the change. The more we know about what is happening in our universe and about our role in it, the better we will be able to fulfill our destiny, and help to advance the processes we are experiencing now.

The book contains a variety of articles with the intention that each article encloses, however briefly, the subject for which it was written. Therefore, we should stress that anyone who reads all the articles will sometimes encounter repetition.

The articles may be read and studied separately. The order of things is not mandatory, but it is certainly advisable to read all of them in the order they were written, in order to tie up all the ends and achieve a more complete and comprehensive viewpoint.

Clarification Concerning the Transition From Decimal to Duodecimal Math

An article from Wikipedia:


In this article, there is an explanation about duodecimal math. The Pi constant calculation in the article is 3.184809493, which is still an infinite fraction, as opposed to 3.14 as calculated today. In order to be accurate in this subject, we would like to state that the information about the duodecimal math comes from the source ‘Kryon.’ It appears in

Channeling no. 67 (Physics and Science) at:


Before we refer to Kryon's information, we should note that today it is common knowledge that, according to quantum theory for instance, the ‘true’ reality is different from the reality we experience. Science is still in the process of understanding the ‘true, hidden’ reality. Einstein already proved that there is no constant ratio in space. Everything is relative to everything else, and the geometric space is ‘bent’ significantly, and as a result, the constant geometrical ratio framework, in relation to the classical approach in our world, changes.

Since the Pi constant is a basic universal constant from the standpoint of the entire universe, this constant should take into consideration the impact of the Theory of Relativity, and perhaps other aspects, with the various geometries including the relationship between the circle and its diameter, which is, as said before, a basic universal constant. As far as we know, no scientist has calculated the impact of the Theory of Relativity on the Pi constant to date.

We receive an interesting, though esoteric, point of view from Kryon, which we mentioned before.

According to this entity, almost everything in nature appears in the factor of 12. The most common divisors of 12 in nature are 3, 4 and 6. When water turns into crystal, it is created in a 6-arm pattern. The snowflake, a kind of crystal, shows up in a different pattern of 6, in order to enable connectivity and unity among the various snowflakes. We can hardly imagine the astonishing versatility that creates just their connectivity, in an endless number of snowflakes.

Although the number 4 is a divisor of 12, the numbers 6 and 12 are most common in nature. We should note that the most common form of carbon in nature is called carbon 12, because the nucleus contains 12 particles – 6 protons and 6 neutrons.

Kryon asks that we examine the chemistry of DNA to notice that the chemical factor 12 appears everywhere. According to Kryon, in universal math, which is also quantum math, all numbers affect all numbers, as a kind of chaotic condition. This is an abnormal condition for us, to date. However, he states that in the chaos there is order; there are rules. The only hint Kryon gives the scientists, and this is in order not to harm our sacred Free Will , is that in order to arrive at the proper and right Pi, it should be solved ‘upside down.’ (We cannot figure out the meaning of this.)

Consequently, our estimate is that duodecimal math, as defined in Wikipedia, is still based on classical empiric math as we know it today, and therefore it does not meet the needs of universal math, which is the math of the future. Still, we should add that a significant stage in the transition to universal math would be reached when we succeed in developing a practical quantum computer. (There is initial thinking in this regard). A regular computer today works on the binary mode of zero or 1, which is one-dimensional mode, as opposed to a quantum computer that works on both 0 and 1 modes, a two-dimensional mode. The unbelievable computing ability of a quantum computer will open capabilities and possibilities we can only dream about.

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