How to download and read a Hebrew ebook on iPhone, iPad & iPod?

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We recommend reading with the application "Mendele Ebook Reader", if you want to read with a different application despite our recommendation, you can read with iBooks on iOS based devices.
Please note that some of the ebooks sold in our store have only DRM protected versions to the publishers' request. These ebooks can therefor only be read with our applications Mendele Ebook Reader for Android & for iOS devices. These ebooks are not available for iBooks and cannot be read on it.
Said ebooks have the following Hebrew text on their product page:
"ספר זה זמין לקריאה באפליקציית מנדלי קורא ספרים בלבד".
There is currently no English guide for the Mendele Ebook Reader app, but it's very simple to install and use and we encourage you to give it a try.

If you still choose to read the ebook on the iBooks app, you must make sure to install in properly on the device, and only then click on the appropriate download link you received via e-mail after purchase (using the Safari browser  specifically for the installation process on your device should ensure there are no issues during installation).


First, install the iBooks application for iPhone, iPad, or iPod: Click here go to Apple's iBook download page


After properly installing the iBooks application, click on the ebooks' download link, located in the e-mail sent to you after your purchase. Please make sure to click said link within the Safari browser () on your device. To do so, you can either open the e-mail client within the Safari browser (), or simply copy the link and paste it in Safari's address bar.


You may use the EPUB3 download link, or the EPUB download link. Both of which are compatible with iBooks.

Note: Not all of our ebooks have an EPUB3 version. Either an EPUB3 or EPUB file will be sent to you automatically via e-mail after purchase.


In the following figure, you can see the EPUB3 link being highlighted within an e-mail such as the one that was sent to you after your purchase:

Click on the image to enlarge


The browser (Safari ) will open a new window with the following message:

Click on the image to enlarge

Click on "Open In…"


A list of reading applications will show:

Click on the image to enlarge

Choose iBooks from the items in said list.


At this point, please wait patiently. The application will open first, and after several moments so will the ebook.

It takes time to load the ebook into the app for the first time. How much time this take, depends on the ebook's size, your internet connection speed, and several other factors.


That's it! Have a pleasant read!


If you encounter any issues using this guide, please contact us (at [email protected]) with a detailed description of the issue. Please make sure to include answers to the following questions in your description:

What is the name of the guide you've encountered the issue in?

What is the phrase written in the guide, at the point where you've encountered the issue?

What was expected to happen?

What is it that happened instead?


In addition, it'll be of great help if you can supply us with a screenshot of the issue you've encountered.